Biological Samples Transport Container

kit di trasporto per il test Prenatal Safe
The transport container

Blood samples can be shipped to our Laboratory using our shipping box that includes a Biological Samples Transport Container, assembled according to UN3373 (compliant with European standards for biological sample transport).

The box includes everything needed for the storage and protection of biological samples; inside you will also find a brochure with detailed instructions on the procedure for shipping biological samples to the laboratory. The instructions are very easy and intuitive, and our staff is always available for any information or clarification.

The shipping box includes:

1. A secondary cylindrical container of red plastic with a grey plastic cap;

2. A container for test tubes (inside the secondary container) in spongy material inside which some tubes are present.

3. A cardboard transport box, bearing the Genoma Laboratory logo, with the acronym UN3373 printed on one side, and on the opposite side showing the address of the recipient (Genoma Laboratory) and a space where to write down the sender details.

4. An informed consent form, to be filled in and signed to perform PrenatalSAFE® on the sample collected, and a blood sampling form, to be filled in by the doctor who will make the collection.