Reporting Times

tecnologia FAST
Thanks to the recent introduction in the clinical practice of PrenatalSAFE® test of the high resolution FAST§ Technology (read depth ~ 30 millions sequences), the exam results will be available only after 3-4 working days, maintaining the same sensitivity and specificity parameters.

FAST procedure is applicable only to
SAFE® 3, PrenatalSAFE® 5PrenatalSAFE® KARYO e PrenatalSAFE® COMPLETE tests

Type of the exam FAST Procedure STANDARD Procedure
PrenatalSAFE® 3  3 days 3 days
PrenatalSAFE® 5  3 days 3 days
PrenatalSAFE® Plus 5 days 7 days
PrenatalSAFE® Karyo 4 days 5 days
PrenatalSAFE® Karyo Plus 5 days 7 days
PrenatalSAFE® COMPLETE 4 (10) days *** 5 (10) days  ***
PrenatalSAFE® COMPLETE Plus 5 (10) days  *** 7 (10) days***

*** PrenatalSAFE® COMPLETE test report consists of two different reports: the first concerning the non-invasive analysis of the fetal karyotype that will be provided in 4 working days, and the second concerning inherited or de novo insurgence genetic pathologies and will be available after 10 working days.

§ The above-mentioned reporting times, however, are not peremptory and could be extended in case of exam repetition, not optimal results, diagnostic investigations, or interpretative doubts.