PrenatalSAFE vs Bitest

Targeted analysis, limited to 5 chromosomes
▪ Low resolution sequencing (reading depth ~1-6 million of sequences)
▪ Analysis limited to 5 chromosomes (21, 18, 13, X, Y)
▪ The algorithm carries out a risk analysis, associating the data obtained from the examination with external data (ex. pregnant woman’s age, ultrasound comparisons), producing a “risk score”
▪ High/Low risk results, similarly to the Bi-Test
▪ Longer reporting times (~10-15 working days)
▪ High percentage of test repetition (4-12%)
▪ Only some commercial tests do not allow the analysis in case of pregnancy by artificial insemination or heterologous
▪ They require a collection of 20 ml of blood and the use of 2 tubes

Comparison with invasive Prenatal Diagnosis

PrenatalSAFE® 3 e 5 tests allow to highlight, respectively, the 71% and the 83.1% of the chromosomal abnormalities observable during pregnancy. With PrenatalSAFE® Plus test the detection rate reaches the 86%

PrenatalSAFE® COMPLETE test represents the highest level of in-depth analysis available today for non-invasive prenatal tests on circulating free DNA in maternal blood. The test allows to measure the 95.5% of chromosomal abnormalities detectable during pregnancy (KaryoPlus level of investigation) reaching a detection rate level very similar to that of the traditional fetal karyotype (96.9%), obtained through invasive prenatal diagnosis techniques. Furthermore the test adds to these potentialities even the ability to detect mutations responsible of severe genetic disorders (association with GeneSafeTM test).

Accuratezza Test