Italian Technology

Test made in italy

PrenatalSAFE® is a non-invasive prenatal test performed in ITALY, at GENOMA Group laboratories. Contrary to many other tests on the market that analyze fetal DNA from maternal blood, the samples ARE NOT sent in service in the USA or in China.

There are several offers of fetal DNA analysis tests from maternal blood. In many cases, the centres that propose the exam are test suppliers: they only perform the blood sampling to the pregnant woman and send the biological sample to a foreign laboratory. On the other hand, PrenatalSAFE® test is performed in Italy, in Rome and Milan, at Genoma Group laboratories.

GENOMA invested enormous resources in state of the art instrumentation, technology, know-how and scientific research, to provide clients with a high quality service and a high-tech non-invasive prenatal exam. GENOMA in partnership with ILLUMINA, multinational corporation leader in next generation sequencing (NGS), offers one of the most advanced protocols of non-invasive prenatal diagnosis currently available in Europe.


The benefits of an Italian technology are numerous and remarkable:

• Samples are not subjected to long journeys to reach USA or China.
• The biological samples do not deteriorate, much to the advantage of the reliability of the test;
The risks for the repetition of the test are considerably lower;
Response times are also reduced;
FREE pre- and post- test Genetic Counseling: in order to explain to patients the achievable results and those emerged at the completion of the test.
FREE follow-up of abnormal results: free Amniocentesis or Chorionic Villus Sampling at reference gynecologist affiliated with Genoma. In case of positive result for aneuploidy, structural chromosomal abnormality or presence of genetic mutation, free follow-up of abnormal result.
“All inclusive” Customer Service: from the shipping of the sample to reporting; information about sampling method and conservation of the samples; flexibility and fully availability of our staff.
Scientific and specialist support: molecular biologists and qualified geneticists are always available to assist clients in interpreting results and understanding the method used for the analysis.
Transport container for the blood samples: certified according to UN3373 regulations, and free shipping service of biological samples to the GENOMA laboratory by express courier.