How to request PrenatalSAFE

Online request

To request PrenatalSAFE® you can fill out the online form providing all the information requested. Your data will be used only to satisfy the procedure, in compliance with privacy regulations. Received your request, an e-mail will be sent confirming the order registration.

Request the test

Telephone request

Genoma centre offers a free genetic counseling, both pre- and post- test, in order to inform the pregnant women about the purposes of the analysis, the achievable results and the emerged findings at the completion of the exam, in particular in cases of pathological result. The afore-mentioned topics are summarized in the informed consent form, which must be signed before the test is performed. You can reserve the counseling calling our Contact center at +3906164161500 (12 lines PBX) or the Toll free number 800 501 651 (only from Italy). Genetic counseling can be requested by phone call.

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