Why PrenatalSAFE

• A simple blood sample from the pregnant woman is required
• Genoma Group provides a sampling kit for free (branded CE-IVD) within 2 working days from the request
• The collection can be performed at your gynecologist’s office, an authorized center or at home. For further information, please contact the Genoma Group team.

PrenatalSAFE® is a NON-INVASIVE test: no risk for both the fetus and the mother.
• The abortion risks related to traditional invasive prenatal diagnosis techniques, such as amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling have

• Sensibility superior to 99%, with percentages of false positives <0.1%.

• Thanks to the exclusive  FAST Technology §, PrenatalSAFE® results will be available after just 3-4 working days

Type of the exam FAST Procedure STANDARD Procedure
PrenatalSAFE® 3  3 days 3 days
PrenatalSAFE® 5  3 days 3 days
PrenatalSAFE® Plus 5 days 7 days
PrenatalSAFE® Karyo 4 days 5 days
PrenatalSAFE® Karyo Plus 5 days 7 days
PrenatalSAFE® COMPLETE 4 (10) days *** 5 (10) days  ***
PrenatalSAFE® COMPLETE Plus 5 (10) days  *** 7 (10) days***

*** PrenatalSAFE® COMPLETE test report consists of two ​reports: the first concerning the non-invasive analysis of the fetal karyotype that will be provided in 4 working days, and the second concerning inherited or de novo insurgence genetic pathologies and will be available after 10 working days.

§ The above-mentioned reporting times, however, are not peremptory and could be extended in case of exam repetition, not optimal results, diagnostic investigations, or interpretative doubts.